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With foreign bureaus slashed, freelancers are filling the void – at their own risk

As mainstream media increasingly turn their gaze from places far away toward internal issues, it is freelancers who take up the mantle of “guardians” of the truth. Without them, our view of the world dims.

The biggest nonprofit media outlets are thriving but smaller ones may not survive

The vast majority of the $469.5 million that 60 digital nonprofit news media websites raised between 2009 and 2015 supported the 20 biggest outlets as the 20 smallest eked by on just $8.6 million.

Wide Variety of Journalism Conferences Abound Throughout Remainder of 2018

Here is a look at just some of the gatherings from around the world for today's journalists to know about and consider attending themselves whether in person or online.

Face It, You Just Don’t Care About the News Anymore

Late one evening in March, I was sat in the JFK Forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School, surrounded by dozens of journalists and academics. We were watching Nina Martin and Renee Montagne, from NPR and ProPublica, collect their Goldsmith investigative reporting award for “Lost Mothers,” a harrowing and important piece of work exploring the shocking number of American women who die in childbirth every year. As they were being given a standing ovation, I finally formulated the question I’ve been struggling with lately: With this kind of brilliant and high-quality journalism being pursued around the world every day, why is it that the news industry is steadily shrinking?

Italian Government Criminalizes 'Fake News,' Provides Direct Reporting Line To State Police Force

In Italy, the government control of speech under the guide of "fake news" deterrence is being done in the worst way possible. It's not being handed to a regulatory body with instructions to sort of keep an eye on things. Instead, as Poynter reports, it's rolling out as a heckler's veto backed by armed officers.