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When the Watchdogs Die

We are facing a distinct concern - a glut of media, but a shortage of quality local news. As local news outlets decline, news deserts grow, leaving communities with no access to credible local news. People are left uninformed and disconnected.

Brexit: democracy needs journalists to be transparent about their political sources

If the UK is heading for a general election, or a second Brexit referendum, journalists had better brace themselves – not just for the long hours on the campaign trail but for all the blame and vitriol that is likely to be heaped on their heads.

It's time for the gatekeepers to open the gates

As journalists rightly demand more protection and recognition for their work, it is time to finally resolve the threshold issue of what journalism is, and who gets to do it.

Presidential 'debates' aren't debates at all – they're joint press conferences

Democratic presidential contenders gather Tuesday evening in Ohio for the latest in a series of televised question-and-answer sessions in the lead-up to the 2020 primary season. These sessions are called debates by their sponsors and the participants. But are they really?

Teletext was slow but it paved the way for the super-fast world of the internet

The BBC has announced that 2020 will mark the end of the Red Button text service – the final incarnation of what was originally known as CEEFAX and Oracle.

The real news on 'fake news': politicians use it to discredit media, and journalists need to fight back

We discovered a US contagion effect. Australian politicians had “weaponised” fake news language to attack their opponents, much in the way that Trump had when he first accused a CNN reporter of being “fake news”.

Misinformation, Evasion, Deception -- and why live TV helps those who lie and want to deceive the public

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the journalistic value of live interviews – and return to a standard that reflects what viewers should expect from news programming.

Merchants of misinformation are all over the internet. But the real problem lies with us

Call it lies, fake news, or just plain old bullshit - misinformation seems to flutter wilfully around the modern world. The truth, meanwhile, can take tedious decades to establish.

Users (and their bias) are key to fighting fake news on Facebook – AI isn’t smart enough yet

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly proposed artificial intelligence (AI) as the solution to the fake news dilemma. However, the issue likely requires high levels of human involvement, as many experts agree that AI technologies need further advancement.

Why is climate change still not top of the news agenda?

Climate breakdown threatens the lives of us all. Scientific research has suggested that we are in the process of a “mass extinction” event that could lead to “biological annihilation” on a large scale