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Users (and their bias) are key to fighting fake news on Facebook – AI isn’t smart enough yet

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly proposed artificial intelligence (AI) as the solution to the fake news dilemma. However, the issue likely requires high levels of human involvement, as many experts agree that AI technologies need further advancement.

Why is climate change still not top of the news agenda?

Climate breakdown threatens the lives of us all. Scientific research has suggested that we are in the process of a “mass extinction” event that could lead to “biological annihilation” on a large scale

How journalists can protect themselves while covering protests

For journalists covering political movements, reporting on protests is crucial, but these events come with unique security challenges. This quick guide will focus on how U.S. journalists can manage the security of their devices and reporting materials when covering protests.

Brexit: how the people are using 'news avoidance' to escape the post-truth world of politics

The term “news avoidance” suggests that these people are avoiding reality. The underlying principle of public journalism is that readers are also citizens whose actions in the real world are based on the reality they have come to know from the news.

Journalism is failing climate change - we can do better

Catlin Seaview Survey Underwater Earth   By: Misha Ketchell, The Conversation On a sunny day in Sydney last Sunday Tim Flannery, former Australian of the Year, appeared on a panel of international journalists convened to discuss the reporting of climate science. Kerry O’Brien kicked things off by asking about the prognosis. Flannery said he wouldn’t answer until the young people at the Sydney Opera House had been given a chance to leave. Things were so dire he feared for their mental health. My first reaction was that Flannery had developed a taste for the theatrical. No. In the conversation that ensued it became clear that the world cannot avoid 1.5 degrees of warming and the devastating damage that entails, and many far worse scenarios were in play. Flannery’s deep anger and distress was palpable. He said that once he’d viewed ...

On an average day, only 1% of Australian news stories quoted a young person. No wonder so few trust the media

Of all the news stories examined, only 11% included the views or experiences of young people. Usually, their inclusion was via adult mediators like parents, police and experts. Just 1% of news stories directly quoted a young person.

Another depressing day in Sydney...

Something very worrying has happened in the world of journalism. When we talk about the dangers for reporters around the world, it is hard not to conclude that there are no safe spaces any more.

Facebook algorithm changes suppressed journalism and meddled with democracy

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm determines what users see on its platform – from funny memes to comments from friends. The company regularly updates this algorithm, which can dramatically change what information people consume.

Eulogy for a Small-Town Newspaper

Once a newspaper is gone — just like when you lose parkland to unchecked development — it’s hard to bring it back.

Sydney stabbing shows reporters should not censor what they report on Twitter - as long as it's verified

When news of the stabbings in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon came through, one of the first tweets about the incident came from Sky News reporter Laura Jayes. Immediately it got retweeted and sent around the world, and I might have retweeted it myself, but for the voice whispering in my ear from my former BBC training, “two agencies and a correspondent.”