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After prolonged period of press-bashing, a more constructive form of media criticism is now flourishing

Donald Trump, both as candidate and president, trashed the press. Alex Wong/Getty Images   By: Kevin M. Lerner, Marist College Over the past several years, and maybe even longer, it seems as if every day brings a new round of attacks on the American press. Some of these attacks come under the guise of criticism: accusations of being “fake news”; arguments that journalists are biased. But some more seriously threaten journalists themselves. Just recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson unleashed what was described as a “calculated and cruel” verbal assault against New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz repeatedly on his show. Some rallies for Donald Trump even saw attendees displaying threats of lynching reporters on a T-shirt. This kind of criticism – attempting to delegitimize the press – serves to undermine trust in the work that journalists do. But even ...