Local news plays a critical role in society that cannot be replaced by aggregated sources, or consolidated national news outfits located in far-away cities.

Reliable quality news and information is essential to democracy. Local news is vital to citizens so that we can make wise and informed decisions about our lives, our communities, and those that govern over us.

Yet we are facing a distinct concern - a glut of media, but a shortage of quality local news.

As local news outlets wither news deserts expand, leaving communities with little access to credible local information.

People are left uninformed and disconnected.

When the watchdog dies, corruption and evil are unchecked, and the powerful are left unaccountable for their actions and misdeeds. Impoverished and aging communities are the most vulnerable.

The solutions to the challenges facing us are costly, arduous, even impossible to tackle alone - it will take all stakeholders working cooperatively.

The Fourth Estate proposes a new and unique business model, for the public benefit, established on equitable cooperative principles and open to all everyone.

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W. Jeffrey Brown
Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation