News organizations, commissioning NGOs and individual journalists can insure their fixers, local media producers, translators, and other media workers on the ground. This policy covers individuals from any nationality, anywhere in the world including when working in their country of residence.


The insurance coverage is by the day and includes, in own and any other country: accidental death, accident medical expenses subject to a $250 deductible, emergency accident medical evacuation from point of an incident to an appropriate care facility and repatriation home when necessary.

After approval by Insurance For Local Media, news organizations, production companies, commissioning NGOs or individual journalists may purchase the insurance for themselves, their fixers, local media producers, translators and other media workers. 


How to Access

The Fourth Estate member discount code can be used to register and have access to this insurance at 

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Program Contact

Hugh Brumfitt - +44 (0) 7958 317317 -  [email protected]



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