For their remote discussions, members can count on Ceriph™, the instant messaging system developed for news professionals and operated by the Fourth Estate.




Communicate securely and effectively

Communicate easily and securely with team members, sources and partners, remotely or even on the move ? Now you can use  Ceriph™, the instant messaging system created for you .

Designed and fully controlled by the Fourth Estate, hosted on our servers in privacy forward nations, Ceriph™ provides you with the necessary guarantees in terms of security, confidentiality and data protection.


On Mobile and Computer

Available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets , as well as on computers via a simple browser, this alternative to consumer messaging applications allows you to:

  • private chat for two or in a group (private room),
  • create or join a public chat room ,
  • share files ,
  • easily find and connect thanks to the integrated directory of users ,
  • Communicate with correspondents from outside the Fourth Estate (source, partner, service provider, etc.) to a public room,
  • ...

Unique features

Designed specifically for news professionals and organizations, we are developing Ceriph™ to include unique features, such as an integrated directory of users , allowing you to quickly connect with with users, Public discussion rooms covering professional areas of interest... but also rooms dedicated to affinity communities. A directory of public rooms allows you to find the one that interests you. You do not find what you're looking for? You can create your own room.



Currently open to Fourth Estate staff and invited users

Any Fourth Estate staff can freely create their Ceriph™ account from their company email address, from the mobile app or the web version. If necessary, invite by e-mail a correspondent outside the Fourth Estate to a specific discussion.

Ceriph™ has been in open beta since February 2020.


Security and confidentiality of exchanges

All messages and communications (excluding marked public rooms) are end-to-end encrypted. This means that even if intercepted, they would be illegible. Shared files are scanned before delivery to the recipient (s) to check for malware or viruses.

Five strengths of Ceriph

  • A trusted and open messaging solution, operated and audited by the Fourth Estate , with a high level of security and confidentiality of private messages
  • An integrated directory of users of the system
  • Public rooms on your professional interests
  • Simultaneous use on any devices (smartphones, computer, tablet, application, etc.)
  • Connected to the newsdesk (soon)



Ceriph™ is an secure messaging service created and operated by the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation.  Ceriph™ is based on open source software [ matrix ].