Committee: Awards and Honors Committee

The Fourth Estate Awards Committee shall make recommendations to the executive director and/or Board of Directors on all policies relating to awards that are made or sponsored by the Fourth Estate.

It shall administer all such awards presented in the name of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation. The committee shall review periodically the appropriateness of existing general awards; shall recommend modification, elimination, or suspension of existing awards as needed; and shall make recommendations with respect to proposed new awards and honors.

The committee shall appoint juries or committees to select recipients of awards, and shall coordinate the work of these juries and committees.

The committee will work with other units of the association to coordinate tracking, statistics, and other information about all awards sponsored by Fourth Estate.

The awards committee shall be responsible for maintaining the Fourth Estate awards manual, which includes information for all awards presented by the Fourth Estate or any of its units; it shall also provide general guidance regarding the procedural aspects of the awards program (such as information concerning deadline dates and publicity releases).

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