Media credibility and trust: Are we 'post truth' or 'post journalism', and does it really matter?

We live in an era where news comes from anywhere, from anyone and in any form.

If you believe that dinosaurs rode bicycles, you can find footage and content supporting your hypothesis. Or if you want to prove that climate change doesn’t exist, you can easily find an online “news service” that shows you the exact evidence that you are looking for.

In this world where all the information you want is at your fingertips, and with “fake news” on the tip of everyone’s tongue, how do we know who to trust? Indeed, is there still even a place for trustworthy news anymore?  

If you are keen to learn the difference between propaganda and proper journalism and whether it really matters (hint: it does!), then join us for an early evening panel discussion as we share some solutions into the complex world of misinformation and how media credibility can be rebuilt!


Tue, Oct. 23, 2018
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Eastern