Saturday, February 1 2020

Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 midnight
Multi-day Event

"Computation+Journalism Symposium is a celebration and synthesis of new ways to find and tell news stories with, by, and about data and algorithms. It is a platform to seed new collaborations between journalists and computer and data scientists, a bazaar for the exchange of ideas between industry, practice and academia, research."

9 AM - 11 AM
Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 9 a.m.
Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order

  2. Roll Call

  3. Approval of Agenda

  4. New Business

  5. Appoint Board Chair and Temporary Secretary

  6. Report on Filing of Articles of Incorporation

  7. Adopt of the Bylaws of This Organization Name

  8. Appointment of Officers

  9. Designation of  Principal Office

  10. Authorization of Corporate Bank Account

  11. File for Tax Exemption

  12. File Required State Reports

  13. Set Meeting Dates

  14. Board Comments/Announcements

  15. Adjournment


Next Meeding: TBD


9 AM - 1:30 PM
Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 9 a.m.

"The Law & the Media Seminar is sponsored by the Houston Bar Association and the Society of Professional Journalists Houston Pro Chapter. It's a yearly educational event where legal professionals and members of the press gather to discuss current events and issues in both fields."