Journalism Ethics and Local News Now | Virtual

For the better part of a decade, cuts and closures have significantly affected the quantity and quality of Americans’ local news coverage, driving political polarization, decreasing democratic participation locally and leaving community leaders to act without watchdogs.

Then came the pandemic with its cascading (and unequal) effects on communities, the killing of George Floyd, a summer of protest and more. In the areas of health care, education, the economy and racial justice, local news has many critical stories to tell.

With fewer resources than ever, how can local outlets cover these stories fully, equitably and ethically? And what new approaches can help overcome the challenges of doing local news now?

The conference will provide journalists with the tools to tackle issues like healthcare, the economy, public safety and education on a local scale.

This Event is Being Held Virtually

Location: Virtual

Date: April 23, 2021, 9 a.m. - April 23, 2021, noon