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    The Fourth Estate's mission is to foster, support, and incubate a sustainable and vibrant free press. We believe that journalism's producers and consumers are mutually dependent on one another, and the quality of the relationship between these groups plication formis connected to the health of society.

    To further our organizational mission, and to serve the greater public good, we are looking for a thought leader to serve as the Fourth Estate's 2020 Journalism Advocate.

     The Journalism Advocate will:

    • Act as the public’s agent in holding journalism accountable and journalism’s agent in articulating freedom of information and expression principles, news values and understanding of best practices.

    • Invite questions and challenge, selecting a small number to explicate or amplify, in detail and context, in a manner that explains the problem and proposed solutions in a manner that is understandable to the constituents.

    • Engage regularly and meaningfully through contemporary platforms and practices, including public media programming, podcasts, webinars, conference calls, guest spots on media programs, and social media.

    • Address not just the hottest controversies facing news and journalism, but more importantly the systemic issues of representation, ethics, funding models and their impact, viewpoint, bias, and others.

    • Engaging stakeholders and building partnerships to facilitate communication, and collaboration and on news and journalism initiatives; and

    • Advise Fourth Estate leadership on stakeholder concerns, recommendations pand priorities as they relate to improving Fourth Estate's mission-oriented services and activities.



    • Understanding and belief in the Fourth Estate's mission and vision, and an allegiance and acceptance of our core journalism principles, standards and practices.
    • Significant career experience managing diverse and sometimes contentious relationships, coaching people; while being professional, approachable, open and receptive;

    • Experience in directly related work, including progressive leadership responsibility in news and journalism policy;

    • Able to decipher diverse and competing agendas and points of view, foster thought leadership and adherence to big ideas and ideals;

    • Able to think strategically and have the ability to translate conceptual direction into concrete grant plans;

    • Outstanding collaborative skills;

    • An ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing in English;

    • A strong sense of stewardship with the ability to act with honor and character, and inspire others to do so as well;

    • Demonstrated independent judgment and discretion.



    While this position is attached to our Washington, DC office, candidates anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply. 


    The Journalism Advocate receives an annual honorarium.

     How to apply

    Applications, including cover letters and résumés, and nominations should be sent to the attention of W. Jeffrey Brown using the application form.




  • Position Reports To: Executive Director
  • Starts On: June 1, 2021, 11:39 a.m.
  • Code: Journalism Advocate

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  • Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation
    United States of America

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