JournSpark is a program from the Fourth Estate that provides qualifying journalism organizations and news startups with no-cost hosting services, technical support, and mentorship.

We believe that the news business is about more than just profits, and that we have a responsibility to give back to society. One way we do that is to foster, support, and incubate early stage news and journalism entities around the world.



Can I still apply for a JournSpark account?

We are no longer accepting applications for the JournSpark program.

I am a current JournSpark customer. Will I lose my benefits?

If you are currently in good standing in the JournSpark program you won’t see any changes to your access and benefits.



Who is eligible to participate in JournSpark?


JournSpark participants may include news/journalism startups, press clubs, university journalism outlets. or other.

In order to participate in JournSpark, a website must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • belong to a registered business or entity.
  • Act in the public interest, broadly defined.
  • be a small commercial entity, or a registered not-for-profit organization.
  • have a annual budget of less than $250K annually.

* Participation is re-evaluated annually and you may participate for a maximum of three (3) years unless otherwise approved by the Fourth Estate.  In order to avoid being charged for renewal, reapply before the renewal date.

JournSpark Eligible Startup





From free hosting and specialized support, to a suite of additional perks from third-party providers, JournSpark has everything you need to get your journalism startup off the ground and on the way to success.


Technology designed for the unique needs and demands of news and journalism entities. From powerful hardware to premium infrastructure to protect important pubic interest journalism organizations and journalists from a multitude of threats.

Apps and Software

All web hosting packages are fully packed with high-end apps and software to empower the most demanding news publishers and journalism initiatives. Focus on your journalism rather than spending time installing and configuring apps and software.