Statement and comments by Fourth Estate Founder and Executive Director W. Jeffrey Brown in response to the ongoing attacks on the free press by the President of the United States, following the White House's revocation of press credentials of CNN journalist Jim Acosta:

"When politicians threaten and attack journalists, they threaten and weaken the First Amendment and the Constitution of the United States. They threaten and attack the fundamental human right of freedom of expression. That cannot be tolerated by freedom loving people."

"When the powerful complain about the press it means that the Fourth Estate is doing its job effectively and holding them accountable to the people, and exposing lies, deception and corruption.  Only dictators seek to silence or limit a free press."

"The American people deserve better from the Trump regime.who clearly are using doctored and manipulated video to unfairly and inaccurately frame the interaction between CNN's Jim Acosta and a white House intern who attempted to wrest a microphone away from the journalist and silence a line of questioning."


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