In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the growing numbers of remote workers, and a noted increase in sophisticated and directed attacks on Wi-Fi networks the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation has expanded its private VPN service and opened access to the public.

Fourth Estate's VPN safeguards and protects user privacy by creating anonymous and secure connections for their computers, phones, and other internet devices.

The VPN uses layers of encryption protocols, military-grade encryption, and a global network of high-speed zero-logging servers in more than 40 countries – meaning no third parties can gain access to your communications or maliciously block or redirect your internet traffic.

"We've advised journalists and anyone working in the news to take reasonable and prudent cybersecurity measures, such as using a trusted VPN, to protect themselves," says W. Jeffrey Brown, of the Fourth Estate.

"The Fourth Estate web services division continues to invest in adopting the latest tech to support our members and the public at large," Brown added.

Active Fourth Estate members may use and access the VPN service for just $1.99/mo, as a standard member benefit.  Non-members may access the VPN network at the standard rates.

For more information on the Fourth Estate VPN Service, please visit



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