Fourth Estate relaunches Awesome Journalism microgrant program

Awesome Journalism provides a $1K monthly grant for a project or idea that commits a crazy and brilliant act of journalism in the public interest.

The goal of the program is to demonstrate that even small amounts of funding can provide real opportunity to commit real acts of public interest journalism.

The grants are open to anyone, anywhere, in any medium but there are just a few simple rules:

  • The idea or project must commit an act of public interest journalism.
  • The project must be attainable and completed quickly, usually within 3-6 months of the grant.
  • The grant money cannot be used for routine personal expenses (like rent or food) or operating expenses for an established organization.
  • The project must uphold the Fourth Estate’s principles, standards and practices of Truth, Transparency and Community.
  • You agree that the results of the project bust be shareable/published online under a free license, or otherwise be open and made freely and widely available. 

Check out for more information or to apply for the grant.

“Our ultimate desire is to follow the example provided by the Awesome Foundation and provide a framework and platform for a global network of autonomous Awesome Journalism chapters, led and funded by small groups of local trustees, who will foster, support and fund Awesome Journalism projects and stories in their cities and towns.” said Jeff Brown of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation.

About the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation
The Fourth Estate is a journalism organization with a mission to “contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.”

Organized as a public benefit corporation and operating as a multi-stakeholder, new-generation cooperative, members of the Fourth Estate are individuals and organizations representing news and journalism producers as well as consumers of the news product.

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