MIAMI, FLORIDA: June 27, 2017 —The Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation is proud to announce that four new industry leaders have joined the company’s Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance during this next phase of growth and expansion.

The new advisory members include: Esther Enkin, Jeffrey Dvorkin, Benét J. Wilson, and Felicia Hatcher-Pearson.

The Fourth Estate’s Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished professionals who have agreed to lend their experience and prominence to the organization, provide advice and guidance on special projects and initiatives.

Appointments to the Advisory Board are:

Esther Enkin    Linkedin

Ms. Enkin is the Ombudsman for CBC News, English Services and is widely recognized in Canada and abroad for her knowledge and leadership in the field of journalistic ethics, theory and practice.

Prior to her nomination as CBC Ombudsman, she was Executive Editor of CBC News, where she was responsible for the quality of CBC journalism, overseeing the development of policy and ensuring CBC’s journalistic standards were met nationally and regionally, on all platforms.



Jeffrey Dvorkin    Linkedin

Mr. Dvorkin is a lecturer and Director of the Journalism Program at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

A former Vice President of News and ombudsman for National Public Radio, Dvorkin moved to the United States in 1997 following a lengthy career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto and Montreal, where he was Managing Editor and Chief Journalist for CBC Radio.




Benét J. Wilson    Linkedin

Ms. Wilson is freelance aviation/travel journalist and journalist who specializes in aviation, business, aerospace and the airline industry.

She currently serve on the board of the Online News Association and is the Vice President of Education for the National Association of Black Journalists’ Digital Journalism Task Force.



Felicia Hatcher-Pearson    Linkedin

Mrs. Hatcher-Pearson is on a mission to rid communities of innovation deserts by working with community leaders and government officials to create inclusive and diverse startup ecosystems.

She is the Co-Founder of Code Fever and Black Tech Week and has dedicated her life to inspiring a new generation of leaders through her conversational talks on Entrepreneurship, Tech Innovation Inclusion, Funding and Personal Branding.


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