JournSpark Spotlight: FIU’s Diario for Cuba

About the Organization: is a student-based journalism program operating through a capstone course at Florida International University. Their main goal is to provide a free press with credible news to an isolate island nation with no recent history of independent newsrooms.  The

The Situation:

DiarioforCuba was in need of a program that supported educational journalism. The ideal web-host was one with a low cost, reliable service, and constant up-time. JournSpark was chosen based on these merits after a conversation with Fourth Estate founder, Jeff Brown.

How JournSpark Helps:

The free hosting of JournSpark allows costs to be kept low, and eliminates the need for advertising on a website designed to introduce the idea of a free press. Thus no hint of corporate agendas or advertiser meddling in content comes through at the upper levels of the website, if at all.

JournSpark also allows the college students running the paper to be journalists first, rather than having to worry about the day-to-day of running and maintaining a website.

When asked what made JournSpark different from other hosting services Allan Richards, the professor in charge of the project, had this to say; “Apart from the service being first-rate, we–and by that I mean the students and myself as the professor–feel united with JournSpark in common cause: the support of an independent start-up journalism project. This is a challenging project for students, and having a host that supports web-based journalism projects and a free press is a wonderful and noted add-on for us.”

About JournSpark:

JournSpark is a program from the Fourth Estate that provides local news startups and qualifying journalism organizations with no-cost enterprise grade hosting services, technical support, and other business assistance.


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