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Fourth Estate launches Secure Communications Platform

It’s no secret that over the past two years we’ve been developing highly secured communications and infrastructure services for news organizations and journalists.

So, when Fourth Estate needed a highly secure application for group messaging for our global editorial and technical staff we made our own — layered on top of existing trusted open source solutions — and we added our own block-chain encryption element for good measure.  

The app needed to allow us to communicate and collaborate with teams, share files, chat in real time or switch to video/audio conferencing and even have highly secured “Off The Record” end-to-end (E2E) encrypted communication.

The result is a secure communication platform that doesn’t have the myriad of risk that comes with proprietary or off-the-shelf applications such as Slack.

It’s hosted on the, in countries that have strong free press and privacy protections, and it uses our own zero-knowledge DNS servers.

So let me introduce