WASHINGTON, DC — The Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation (www.fourthestate.com), an international, independent, non-governmental, journalism Public Benefit Corporation, today unveiled a free, uncensored, privacy protected DNS service (dns.fourthestate.co), for journalists and public interest news organizations.

The Zero Knowledge DNS is anonymous, private, and uncensored. Absolutely no personally identifiable data is stored or logged, data on websites is not tracked and the service is uncensored.

” During this time when press and journalistic freedoms are under attack the uncensored DNS service provides an additional layer of protection for online journalistic activities, ” said Jeff Brown,The Fourth Estate PBC’s founder. “This service helps shield the identities of journalists and news organizations and makes it difficult for governments and corporations to censor and hide content, or deny journalists lawful access to information or certain websites.” he added.

About the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation:
The Fourth Estate is a membership organization with a mission to “contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.” Our core principles of truth, transparency and community, guide our stewardship of journalism and the greater public trust.

Incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation and operating as a multi-stakeholder, new-generation cooperative, members of the Fourth Estate are individuals and organizations representing news and journalism producers as well as consumers of the news product.

On the web: www.FourthEstate.org