We are now accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Safemoon   for all services, across all platforms.

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin is an alternative virtual payment solution and we now accept a variety of cryptocurrencies for all services in in addition to our other traditional methods including Credit Cards.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

The option to pay in cryptocurrencies highlights our dedication in playing a an active and leading role in the growth of open, decentralized and independent systems and technologies and systems.

Why We Decided to Accept Cryptocurrencies

The growing Cryptocurrency movement represent a growing and democratized global economy, and while cryptocurrency is widely regarded by people in finance, places to spend digital currencies are still limited in comparison to currencies like the Dollar, Euro, or Pound.

Additionally, just like cooperativies, cryptocurrencies are decentralised, open and without ownership or control and is built using open source technology and is community driven. 

There are additional business case benefits as well like: faster processing times, cashflow controls, fraud protection, and strong blockchain transactional security.

The Cryptocurrencies we actively support

While we have the capability of receiving almost every global cryptocurrencies. We prefer to receive in the following five:

  • Bitcoin ($BTC): 3KoSreCjhgKZuUNsGua9uZzC7XYEdzo4LJ
  • Etherium ($ETH): 0x92C165ee679F386C1230d7eCa8d0D046C74b1F9C
  • Litecoin ($LTC: M8w9QPCVC2UKDjj5aU4GgNnNAgKj6RquJj
  • Dogecoin ($DOGE): DAKjyc5nypvSpvUnJ8UMuEskVyEBY7yurg
  • Safemoon (SAFE): 0x280B81DD806917b1Ce22c685725b3B374AF6BF90

Please contact us, if you need to send an alternate cryptocurrency.


While we work to integrate digitral paymentas across all our our platforms, members and clients who wish to pay by crypto can make the transaction using their digital wallet to any of the above listed receive addresses. Simply drop an email to [email protected] with the transaction information.

What Comes Next for Cryptocurrencies at the Fourth Estate?

Our technical and web teams will be deploying the tools and technologies needed to process and receive cryptocurrencies automatically on our news platforms.  Because we are proponents of the open-software movement, we will make many of these tools and technologies free and open, first to members and later to the general public.