United Nations Association of the USA - Council of Organizations

The Council of Organizations (COO) is an initiative of UNA-USA. The COO is a coalition of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and local groups of organizations with interests in education, social justice, labor, sustainable development, energy and climate, millennium development goals, human rights, health and women's issues that all share the common goals of making the American public more knowledgeable about global issues and strengthening the U.S. – UN relationship.

The Goals of the Council of Organizations are to:

  • Mobilize: To promote UN policies, effective US policies on the UN, and US compliance with its international commitments

  • Educate: To provide timely information about the UN to institutions participating in the COO in order to inform their respective stakeholders throughout the United States about the UN;

  • Build Community: To encourage organizations to network among themselves

  • Engage: To participate in UN activities.

The Council also works to support the United Nations by educating its members about the UN system through joint community work with UNA-USA chapters and local affiliates of organizations, some of whom have formed local or regional Council of Organizations.