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October 1 2021 09:00:00

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September 30 2022 08:59:59

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1/2/2020 00:00:00

Note: The Fourth Estate was founded originally founded in 2011 as a L3C, and reincorporated as a Public Benefit Cooperative in January of 2020.

Legal Name

Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation

Alternate Name(s)

The Fourth Estate
Fourth Estate
Fourth Estate PBC

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Public Benefit Cooperative / Public Benefit Corporation

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Colorado, USA

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600 14th Street NW, 5th Floor, Washington DC 20005 USA

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* Includes full-time, part-time, and contract staff.

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Funding Statement

The Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation is primarily funded through revenues from memberships from individuals and organizations with additional revenue from earned income — sales of products, and payments for providing valuable services such as syndicated news, fact-checking, journalism projects, etc.

Editorial Independence Statement

Fourth Estate’s news gathering is independent of commercial, political, or special interests. We do not accept gifts of any kind in order to avoid any conflict-of-interest or appearance thereof. The newsroom is firewalled from members, sponsors and advertisers.

Conflicts of Interest Statement

The Fourth Estate is pledged to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible. We seek to avoid behavior, activities and other work that would compromise our ability to report the news accurately and fairly.

Ethics Statement

The Fourth Estate’s role as a global news organization is to produce news and information services that maintain the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality, and fairness.

The Fourth Estate’s policy on editorial ethical standards address news agency-level requirements, and is in line with generally recognized standards, the Fourth Estate’s core journalism principles, and the journalism code of practice.

Opinion / Editorial Statement

We do not publish opinion or editorial stories to our syndication feeds.

We report the news accurately, honestly and fairly.

We strive to be as nonpartisan and independent as possible (with a first allegiance to the truth), we strive to be transparent about our biases and/or vested interests whenever relevant.

Corrections Statement

Inaccuracies or suspected inaccuracies within published Fourth Estate news stories and bulletins which affect the integrity of information on our articles and feeds must be dealt with promptly. When we acknowledge an inaccuracy, a correction should be issued with urgent priority and proportionate to the original reporting.

Coverage Statement

We seek to equip individuals and communities with the news and information they need to make wise decisions. This service-oriented approach includes a commitment to minimize harm, especially to vulnerable stakeholders, in the course of telling as much of the truth as possible, in as much complexity, diversity, and clarity as possible. Inherent in that approach is accuracy, with a first allegiance to the facts as opposed to any particular point of view.

Satire and Parody Statement

The Fourth Estate does not publish satire, or parody news content.

Editorial Diversity Statement

We serve a general and global audience and we seek a diversity of voices and stakeholders in every aspect of newsgathering and reporting. We report the news in ways that reflect its importance to the communities and the news consumers that we serve.

Verifications Statement

All information the Fourth Estate publishes must be authoritatively sourced, verified, and/or fact-checked. All verification and fact-checking are guided by our core journalism principles as well as the journalism code of practice.

Bylines Statement

Fourth Estate’s news articles based on original reporting carry bylines (the name of the journalist or reporter), as often do those authored by journalists who have a subject expertise.

General news stories and news bulletins, which tend to combine information from a variety of sources, including official press announcements and reports, public information sources, news agencies and outlets, press materials and conferences, Fourth Estate newsgathering, and news agencies, or which may have been produced by several members of staff over the course of the day, do not as a rule carry bylines.

Fourth Estate may also decide to omit a byline, or allow the use of a pseudonym, when we reasonably believe that disclosing the name may endanger the journalist.

Dateline Statement

News stories and bulletins from the Fourth Estate will only contain a dateline when the journalist or correspondent is reporting personally from the scene of a news event.

Unnamed Sources Statement

The Fourth Estate generally refrains from basing news stories and bulletins solely on the assertions of unnamed sources, except in extraordinary circumstances and after review by an editor and usually subject to prepublication legal review.

Sources must be identified by name unless there are compelling reasons for not doing so. Fourth Estate journalists always query a source’s motives when they request anonymity. When anonymity is granted Fourth Estate journalists must clearly explain why the unnamed source(s) was allowed to remain anonymous and must explain why the unnamed source(s) should be trusted.

Sources Payment Statement

The Fourth Estate does not pay or compensate sources, other than reasonable and customary payments for copying of documents.

Advertising Policy Statement

Advertisements may not be deceptive or misleading and must be verifiable. Advertisements are clearly labelled. The Fourth Estate does accept or display native advertising of any type.

About NewsCert

NewsCertis a voluntary program that verifies, certifies, and accredits news websites, organizations and journalists based on generally accepted principles of journalism, and news trust indicators.

The Fourth Estate does not pay or compensate sources, other than reasonable and customary payments for copying of documents.