Condemnation of Violent “American Priority” Video Attacking the Press

The following statement is by W. Jeffrey Brown, Founder and Executive Director of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation, regarding the violent video shown at “American Priority”, a political conference organized by supporters of President Trump at the Trump Doral Florida Resort:

On Sunday, a video was publicly shown during a pro-Trump political conference being attended by members of the Trump family and campaign officials. The video in question portrays a dramatized Donald Trump murdering members of the media, as we well political critics and opponents. 

While I would normally appeal to the moral and ethical leadership of the President of the United States to condemn such extremist depictions of violence, it is impossible in this instance as President Trump’s own malicious and self-serving rhetoric have incited violence, and acts of terrorism against the press. Instead I must appeal to the public, and our Congressional leaders, to censure this depiction of political violence in the strongest way possible.

This is not a partisan issue – attacks and threats on the press are quite literally an existential threat to freedom and democracy. The implications are chilling.

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