Fourth Estate is building a secure encrypted messenger app

Secure Real-Time Messaging for 21st Century News Organizations

The Fourth Estate is working to make a secure and reliable encrypted messenger application suitable for the unique security and use requirements of journalists and news organizations and usable on any modern smartphone, or on any application. 

Codenamed Ceriph™, we’re working on a crypto-messenger designed to meet the requirements for easy and ready exchange of information ranging from public posts and articles, to private and highly secured end-to-end encrypted messaging between sources and journalists.

Importantly the application will be bridged to the newsdesk, allowing easy acquisition of productiion of news products.

The Fourth Estate aims to have a completed application that will be a free, open, federated, and decentralized alternative to closed and proprietary apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Teams.

The Fourth Estate is a proponent of open and centralized technologies and has made a firm commitment to the open-source Matrix ecosystem.

A small group of Fourth Estate staff has already tested an app based on Matrix in another now closed pilot. Work is now underway to build on existing open-source projects by the French and German governments. 

According to W. Jeffrey Brown, Founder of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation, news organizations need to stop using services and products from competitive big-tech that creates dependencies, often putting privacy and security last.

With Ceriph™, the Fourth Estate is taking a step towards giving news organizations digital autonomy and freedom.