Fourth Estate Releases NewsWire WordPress Plugin

WordPress remains one of the top platforms for small and media news organizations on the internet. These outlets both publish and consume news content, and it’s important that news publishers integrate with WordPress as seamlessly and affordably as possible.

With that in mind, we recently released our WordPress plugin— which is now live on the official repository!

This Newswire WordPress Plugin is a professional news distribution and syndication tool. It has important features that allow news outlets to automatically publish trusted, high-quality, ready-to-publish news content on WordPress.

Previously, WordPress news website publishers needed to either manually copy and paste each news item they wanted to publish, or code complex and expensive software. But this plugin makes it simple for a subscriber to automatically receive and easily publish reputable and accurate news content from the Fourth Estate newswire.

The Newswire WordPress Publisher plugin dramatically simplifies the process of receiving news data feeds from the Fourth Estate — * or other compatible newswires. Once automatically received, the news content and images are posted to your news website, or they can be held as drafts for manual approval and publication.

  • News Content is received and automatically updated using HTTP-Push streaming
  • Multi-format support: Text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio are all supported when available
  • Integrates with any WordPress theme
  • Import news article keywords and news sluglines as WP tags
  • Ability to import IAB categories or IPTC MediaTopics as WordPress categories
  • Many viewing options available including Integration with Press Release View module
  • Content be automatically published into WordPress immediately when received, or it can be held as a draft for review prior to publication


You can access and install this plugin from the plugin repository.

Once installed and activated with the Fourth Estate Newswire you will begin to receive content.

What is next for the Newswire WordPress Publisher Plugin?

The plugin is an open-source project aimed at simplifying the process of using professional news content on WordPress. A few upcoming milestones include internationalization, as well as several extensions.

Like other Fourth Estate efforts, this project is community-focused and we want and need your assistance. Do you have comments or suggestions? Maybe ideas for new features or thoughts about improving the user experience?

Important Credits and Information

* The Newswire WordPress Publisher Plugin is maintained by the Fourth Estate as an official software project. It is based on the 2017 Superdesk WordPress plugin and contains important security and other updates to ensure compatibily with current and future versions of of WordPress.