We’re Retiring Civiq.Social

Two years we started Civiq.social with two goals: create a social platform that put user privacy first, create a platform that any small and local news organizations could use to run their very own instance of the software.

We’ve learned much during the past 24+ months, about what works, and what doesn’t. Recently we tasked our development team to incorporate those lessons and focus them into developing something new and better that is scheduled for release in 2022/2023.

Unfortunately, that means we have decided to retire civiq.social, and will be shut down the website on May 1, 2021.

While the website will be shut down, Civiq will remain an active open source project, and we encourage you to access, use, and contribute to the application at code.civiq.social.

Existing Civiq users can Migrate their account to any mastodon server before May 7 or the may Delete their account.