Fighting Misinformation and Disinformation

Fact Checking Misinformation and Lies

In today’s fast moving and internet driven moving world, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between fact from fiction — or fact from opinion.

FactCheck from the Fourth Estate allows members and customers to use the power of journalism, technology, and credible information to separate fact from fiction.  

Mika Baumeister
Kajetan Sumila

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Our work is carried out by Fourth Estate editors and a global network of journalists, following the Fourth Estate’s editorial code of practice and core journalism principles.


We pay particular attention to disinformation and misinformation that could endanger people’s lives, or well-being, or damage democratic processes, or contain potentially harmful hate speech and racism.

For the Public Benefit

We seek to help the public come to informed conclusions about information they are exposed to online, whether from social media posts, news articles, videos or statements.