Nikola Leger Testimonial

After seven years spent toiling on the digital transformation of one of the largest media empire in North America, it dawned on me: our local news is seriously threatened with extinction.

The digital riptide of the last three decades brought a flood of information to our doorstep but simultaneously ripped apart our old business models for news, the ecosystems for our media and the value networks of our local content.  Local news is dying.

Without a strong independent free local press, our communities are in grave danger... and so is our democracy.

And for those reasons, it has been a privilege and honor to support the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation.

Few people have such a grasp of what has been unfolding and how we must band together to rise from our ashes. I am a true fan of the organization and its mission. Time to give the watchdog a bit of its original bite back! We got this!

Nikola Leger

Nikola Leger  – Contributing Member

Montreal , Quebec  Canada