Webinar Session and Speaker Proposal Guidelines

Webinar session and speaker proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please refer to guidelines.

Anyone with an interest in contributing to educational and informational programming are encouraged to submit proposals at any time. Proposals will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. The Fourth Estate will provide support for the production of selected webinars/sessions.

Webinar proposals must relate directly to topics valuable to Fourth Estate’s members and constituents. Proposals need to address important issues, raise important questions, solve problems or provide practical knowledge and innovative approaches that deliver actionable results.

After reviewing your proposal, The Fourth Estate may ask you to modify it to meet specific objectives of the webinar.

The Fourth Estate will not accept webinar proposals intended solely to promote commercial products and services.

While webinar lengths can vary, they generally last one (1) hour (a presentation of 40 minutes with 15 minutes for questions). Some webinars and sessions may be conducted for longer or shorter duration, but must be pre-approved by Fourth Estate staff in collaboration with the presenter(s).

It takes about three months to produce a successful webinar. After the topic/subject, program date, and speaker commitment are established, The Fourth Estate will develop a timeline and work with you to finalize the title, description, learning outcomes/takeaways, and speaker bios, and will review the webinar outline to ensure a successful program. .

The Fourth Estate will handle webinar registration and assist with promotion through social media channels. The Fourth Estate will assist with coaching the moderators/speakers on the use of the webinar software, and provide best practices for webinar delivery and webinar technical support. A dry run is held about a week before to ensure a smooth production.

Webinars and presentations may be recorded for later viewing and listening.

Honoraria and fee amounts are variable (not to exceed $150 per session and subject to the approval of appropriate Fourth Estate staff member.