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We are dedicated to an engaged and informed public, well equipped with quality information needed to make informed decisions by a strong free press
Because the free press is the cornerstone of democracy

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Our members are individuals and organizations working together to steer our priorities.  They help us advocate for the public’s fundamental right to trustworthy information. defend the free press, and advance responsible public interest journalism.

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Tackling the tough global challenges facing news and journalism can't be done alone. It takes everyone — working together — to change the world.

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Promote responsible public interest journalism by a strong free press and the right of the public to trustworthy news and information.

We collaborate and partner with some of the world's best companies and organizations to develop policy, achieve objectives, and create opportunities for our members.

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The Fourth Estate contributes to healthy societies by fostering, supporting, and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press. We promote public interest journalism as a resource and force of good for society.

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