The People Behind the Fourth Estate

W. Jeffrey Brown


Ben Sturmfels

Software Engineer

Susan Julien

Art and Graphics

Matt Aug

Membership Associate


Leaders from the private sector, non-profits, and academia to provide expertise, counsel and resources to help the Fourth Estate meet evolving challenges.

Andrew Nachison

Sally Outlaw

Alex de Carvalho

Felicia Hatcher-Pearson

Tim Thompson

Richard Rampell

Mike O'Donnell

Joy Mayer

Jerry Ceppos

Bill Bathurst

Rebekah Monson

Esther Enkin

Jack Lynch

Benét J. Wilson

Bryan Woolston

Bill Mitchell

Brian Schriner

Meredith Clark, Ph.D.

Lee Scheele Jr.

In Memorium

Steve Buttry

1954 - 2017