Community and Partners

Because news impacts all of us, we seek to work with partners of all shapes and sizes to make sure we can address the wide range of issues that we face.

Partnerships are at the core of all we do. They can be:

International assemblies and governments to advocate for strong policy and legislate to help ensure that the public’s fundamental right to trustworthy information is protected and advanced.

People who are concerned that their communities are well informed.

Civil society groups and non-governmental organizations to collaborate on and help deliver projects on-the-ground or international organizations to cooperatively tackle issues around the world.

Technical experts, engineers and civil-hackers to collaborate with others and create, build, and innovate cutting-edge tools and applications to solve community news and information challenges.

Academic and educational institutions to ensure we have access to reliable research and well educated prospective journalists who embrace the highest ideals and tenets of the Journalism profession and who are capable and willing to ethically discharge their duties as journalists and holders of the public’s trust.

Local and global businesses to help make sure that initiatives are developed and supported in ways that are equitable and sustainable and provide a positive economic contribution to their communities.

Students and teachers to make sure everyone is equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to become literate consumers of news and information and engaged citizens.