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Guided by the Fourth Estate's core journalism principles, the Journalism Advocate serves the public's trust, operating independently, and free of any particular company influence or affiliation.

Appointed by the Executive Director and operating with autonomy, the Journalism Advocate acts as the authoritative voice for journalism in the public's interest - independent of any particular news organization or other affiliation.  



The Journalism Advocate:

  • Acts as the public’s agent in holding journalism accountable and journalism’s agent in articulating freedom of information and expression principles, news values and understanding of best practices.

  • Invites questions and challenge, selecting a small number to explore or amplify, in detail and context, in a manner that explains the problem and proposed solutions in a manner that is understandable to the constituents.

  • Engages regularly and meaningfully through contemporary platforms and practices, including public media programming, podcasts, webinars, conference calls, guest spots on media programs, and social media.

  • Addresses not just the hottest controversies facing news and journalism, but more importantly the systemic issues of representation, ethics, funding models and their impact, viewpoint, bias, and others.

  • Engages stakeholders and builds partnerships to facilitate communication, and collaboration and on news and journalism initiatives; and

  • Advises Fourth Estate leadership on stakeholder concerns, recommendations and priorities as they relate to improving Fourth Estate's mission-oriented services and activities.




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