Oct 24, 2019

The Fourth Estate announces the beta launch of Civiq, an ethical social media platform with features that puts user privacy and and security first. On Civiq the user is never the product.

Civiq is free, free to use, free from ads, free from tracking, free from distractions and free from AI manipulation. It offers a secure platform for social interaction, sharing and networking.

The platform is decentralized and federated, and will be built with features that empower news organizations when they their own instances of Civiq, with all the benefits and responsibilities that come with it.

“Big tech and big social have proven that they are the poorest of stewards of the public's trust,’” stated Fourth Estate's founder, W. Jeffrey Brown. “... while the traditional champions of the public's trust, local news organizations are living and dying by the whims of the social news platforms that they neither own nor control. We are building Civiq, on established open source standards to address some of these inequities and return some of that stewardship. We will build a social platform built for the public benefit.” added Brown.

Civiq is currently live in public beta and can be accessed at: https://Civiq.Social