Just a quick message on what is happening here at the Fourth Estate in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The health and well-being of our employees, our members and clients, and our communities remain our highest priority. I strongly urge everyone to follow the directives and guidelines for your area and keep you and your loved ones safe.

However, the financial realities of the coronavirus outbreak and global shutdown are impacting people and businesses - particularly the news business - hard.

Thankfully the Fourth Estate is operating with limited member and client disruption. However, we must still prepare to withstand the significant and prolonged economic downturn that is likely to follow the medical crisis.

To ensure that we achieve our goals, we have prophylactically implemented austerity measures to reduce or eliminate unnecessary spending and conserve available resources. This is just good business in time of crisis.

None of these measures will impact current programs or business activities. Quite the opposite. We are pivoting and redirecting available resources into existing programs to support members of all types, and expand our public service journalism efforts to make sure that the public is informed and preparred for what lies ahead.

I want to directly address any concern or uncertainty for our employees, staff and contractors, and how COVID-19 may impact your contract or employment. Let me be absolutly clear. We have no intention or need, to reduce or eliminate staff, or to reduce salaries and compensation for any Fourth Estate employee or editorial contractor

If you are a Fourth Estate member or staffer with any specific questions or concerns, please email me.


W. Jeffrey Brown
Founder and Executive Director
Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation