Project Civiq has been retired and replaced by Ceriph.

Civiq's codebase is available at

Civiq  — /'si-vik'/ — is a decentralized, federated, and open social media platform. It is open to everyone to connect, share and discover what is happening in real time - anytime and anywhere.

Civiq aims to build a civil and smarter social networking platform that puts users first. No ad tracking, no ad targeting, no data mining.

We endowed Civiq with unique features that empower local news organizations, and strengthens their connections to their communities and constituents.

Lastly, we made Civiq a platform where real people from around the world are free to responsibly express themselves. While actively fighting misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information. has been retired but remains as an open source project from the Fourth Estate. You can download the codebase at