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From the Newswire
  • Judge Orders Pharmacy Chains to Pay $650.6 Million to Two Ohio Counties in Opioids Suit
  • Israel, Germany Condemn Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas’ ’50 Holocausts’ Claim
  • Venice Fines Tourists for Foil Surfing Along Grand Canal
  • CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Calls for Agency Overhaul
  • Syria Denies Holding Missing US Journalist Austin Tice
  • Nearly 30 Killed, Over 35 Wounded in Kabul Mosque Bombing
  • Israel and Turkey Restore Full Diplomatic Ties
  • Belgium Youtubers Protest Transparency Laws
  • Storm Batters France After Long Heatwave and Drought, Flood Warnings Raised
  • Mexico’s President Urges Calm Amid Ongoing Mexican Cartel Violence

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