Fourth Estate's virtual private network (VPN) service, called SupraVPN provides a secure connection between your device and any website or application.

Connecting to the Internet via a VPN adds an extra layer of security on your computer by encrypting your data and preventing unwanted surveillance or monitoring.

Whether you are browsing the Internet while having coffee at your local cafe or logging in to a sensitive account while traveling abroad, using a VPN creates a private and secure virtual connection between you and the web!



The Fourth Estate offers Free VPN access to all staff and freelancers, and for just $1.99 for members with a valid Fourth Estate member ID and password at no charge as a member benefit.


Military-grade encryption
Protects the data travelling to and from your users’ devices with cutting-edge security technologies.

No-logs policy
None of your traffic, data, online activity or browsing history is monitored, gathered or exposed.

High speed connections
Enjoy secure streaming experience, gaming, torrent downloading, with no compromise on internet privacy and security.


How to access SupraVPN:

To use the SupraVPN, please follow the instructions you are emailed to connect. After you install the client, you can connect to the VPN at any time.


At a glance:

A VPN provides a secured method to browse the Internet from your computer or device. For example, if you are on a public WiFi connection, a hacker on the same network could potentially grab your unencrypted data. Usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, browser cookies, and other identifying information can be viewed from your web browser and mobile apps. Connecting with a VPN provides an extra layer of protection.


Who can use it?:

Anyone may subscribe to and use SupraVPN. SupraVPN is available at no cost for all Fourth Estate staff. and freelancers. Members pay just $1.99/mo


Who to contact?:

If you have questions please refer to the VPN services FAQ. If you experience any issues connecting to the VPN, please contact the Fourth Estate Member Service Desk.




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