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I joined Fourth Estate because I believe in journalism. I also believe journalism is changing -- and it has to, to survive. I think the community, guidance, and connections Fourth ...

Kelly Ragan

Kelly Ragan  – Member


Greeley , Colorado  United States

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I am delighted to be part of an important international dialogue about the pressures, challenges and opportunities facing journalism today. At a time when misinformation, disinformation and the increasing polarisation ...

Alan Sunderland

Alan Sunderland  – Journalism Advocate



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I joined the Fourth Estate because I believe journalism is a core component of democracy. Its future will depend on many business and organizational models, but collaboration will be its ...

Ben Werdmüller

Ben Werdmüller  – Contributing Member


San Francisco , CA  United States

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As the duty of the press is challenged by systems that thrive without accountability and news organizations are tempted to take sides, becoming as polarized as the society in which ...

Bryan Woolston

Bryan Woolston  – Photojournalist


LaGrange , KY  United States

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After seven years spent toiling on the digital transformation of one of the largest media empire in North America, it dawned on me: our local news is seriously threatened with ...

Nikola Leger

Nikola Leger  – Contributing Member


Montreal , Quebec  Canada

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